We Provide Rooms So that you Can Rise

Shared housing in South Florida to help you move forward

Without a safe and secure space to call your own, it can be challenging to rise up.

  • Where will you sleep tonight and will you be safe?
  • Are you worried that you won’t be able to afford rent?
  • Do you need a place to stay to get back on your feet?
  • Do you believe in yourself but need someone who believes in you?

Room to Rise is here to help!

We're Helping Our Community Rise Up

Room to Rise was created to help as many people as possible find safe, well maintained, and affordable housing in South Florida’s best neighborhoods.

Room to Rise is an organization of strength, compassion, and education. We feel a deep sense of obligation to our community, and we strive to provide a stable home for each of our residents, where they can rebuild and rise up to meet their full potential.

We believe that the best way to ensure that people can thrive personally and be contributing members of society is to have a safe home and a roof over their heads.  Having a place to live is one of the most basic human needs. That’s why Room to Rise exists to provide safety, dignity, and community to our residents.

Getting Started Is Easy!

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. That’s why our process is easy and accessible to residents.

Apply for Housing

Fill out our quick online application to determine your eligibility.

Get To Know Us

We'll determine how we can best support you and help you rise up.

Rise Up from The Past

Fill out our quick online application to determine your eligibility.

The Sunshine House

Safe and sober housing for women in Boynton Beach, Florida opening Summer 2023

How We Help Our Residents & Community Members

Rent-To-Own Options

For women and families who need a chance to start over

Educational Resources

About buying a home and creating a better financial future

Shared Clean & Sober Housing

In a growing number of locations in South Florida

Opportunities for Growth

both professionally and personally

A note from our founder, Randy Ballen

One of my fundamental beliefs is that every person deserves a safe place to live, to be treated with dignity and respect, and to be part of a supportive community. I founded Room to Rise as a person who has found myself vulnerable to housing insecurity and who has the ability to leverage my knowledge as a real estate investor to find and secure the required housing.

Years before I became a financial professional, I was working in retail and facing foreclosure. During this time, I felt that I was completely out of options and there was nothing I could do to get back on track.

Today, as a financial professional and real estate investor, my goal is to help people who are facing housing insecurity find safe and secure housing that they can rely on. I want to be able to give them the opportunity to rise.

I believe we are all capable of great things and of being the main driver in our own lives, but we cannot move forward when we do not have basic necessities, like food to eat or a roof over our heads. Room to Rise’s mission is to support community members by helping them take care of the necessities so that they can finally begin to thrive.

Looking for housing? Apply to Join Our Community Today!

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